Codes of Conduct for Parents/Guardians

Parents/ Guardians have the primary responsibility for the care and welfare of their children.

They should encourage their children to participate in sport for fun and enjoyment and should ensure that their child’s experience of sport is a positive one. Parents should always remember that children play sport for their own enjoyment not that of the parents/guardians.

Parents/ guardians and Leaders will ideally work in partnership to promote good practice in their club and to support all efforts to protect the children against all forms of abuse.

They should ensure that their club treats their children with fairness, respect and understanding, and that it is fulfilling its responsibility to safeguard children by ensuring the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport (this may be down-loaded from the Swim Ireland web-site or you may request a copy from the Swimming Club committee) is being implemented in their club.

They should encourage their children to tell them about anyone causing them harm.

They should become aware of Club procedures and policies, in particular where changes are made that affect them or their children, and be informed of all matters relating to ethics and good practice.

Parents/Guardians should remember that children learn best by example.

To assist in the promotion of good practice with the club they should:

• be encouraged to become members of the club and to contribute their time and effort in the daily running of the Club. No club can operate successfully without their help.

• be available for poolside duty and/or other duties if and when required, these requirements and duties should be set out under your club rules.

• be aware of the Code of Ethics for Young People in Sport, the Swim Ireland Child Welfare Guidelines, the rules and constitution of Swim Ireland and the rules and constitution of their own club

• be aware of the relevant Leaders and their role within the club

• show respect for Coaches/leaders and their decisions

• be informed of the training and/or competitive programmes

• ensure that the environment is safe and enjoyable for your child/ren

• encourage their child in fair play

• behave responsibly on the pool deck and viewing areas

• focus on their child’s efforts rather than performance

• focus on the fun and participation of their child in the activity

• liaise with the Leaders in relation to the times/locations of training sessions, medical conditions of their children and any other requirement for their child’s safety.

• avoid communicating with coach during sessions, organise time to speak to them outside these times

• out of courtesy, if possible, inform the coach if their child will not be attending sessions

• have a right to have their comments and suggestions considered and their complaints acknowledged and dealt with as they arise through an effective and confidential complaints procedure.

• accept that a swimming club is not a baby-sitting service

• be responsible for their childrens’ safety, including delivering and collecting from swimming from the time the coaching session starts and immediately after it ends.

• not leave their children waiting unsupervised at the pool at any time.

• ensure their children are always in possession of direct contact information should this be required for any reason.

• adhere to rules/guidelines in relation to the possession and use of mobile phones, picture mobiles, cameras and video cameras.

• Ensure your child arrives at poolside in good time for the beginning of the training session. Missing part of the warmup is dangerous and causes inconvenience to other swimmers and the coach.

• Adhere to rules and regulations of the Armagh Swimming Club.