Club Constitution

1 Title

The name of the organisation shall be Armagh City Swimming Club, hereinafter referred to as the Club.

2 Colours

The Club colours shall be: blue/yellow

3. Object

The object of the Club shall be:

(a) The development of swimming skills,

(b) The promotion of swimming by

   (i) assisting members to improve their personal swimming standards.

   (ii) providing members with suitable competition

   (iii) organising swimming competition locally

   (iv) providing equal opportunity for successful participation by all sections of the community,

   (v) adhering to the ‘Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children's Sport in Ireland’ as contained in the Club ‘Code of Ethics’.

(c ) To support or subscribe to such charities and other charitable purposes as shall be recommended by the Annual General Meeting and/or the Management Committee.

4. Affiliation

The Club shall be affiliated to the national governing body Swim lreland and agrees to abide by all the rules of Swim Ireland and FINA.

5. Membership

All members are subject to the constitution of the Club and the regulations of Swim Ireland. All applications for membership are to be forwarded on the appropriate membership form, accompanied by the appropriate subscription fee.

The Management Committee (see section 6)  may reject an application for membership without giving any reason to the applicant.

Membership shall be open to all persons as selected having reached a certain standard at water test sessions. Members shall be enrolled in one of the following categories subject to approval of the application by the Management Committee and coaches;

Competing Member

Non-Competing Member

Coach (qualified)



Voting members shall be members over eighteen years and parents of members under eighteen.

All members will be given a copy of the relevant Code of Conduct (including Duties and responsibilities of swimmers, coaches, committee members) and a copy of the Constitution. Each member/(parent if the member is under 18) will be obliged to read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct, the Constitution and Child Protection Policy.

Members will have the opportunity to feedback to coaches and committee members on a regular basis through discussion groups. A record will be kept of all issues raised and actions taken.

Swim captains will be selected from among the swimmers on the advice of the coaches.

The Management Committee shall determine subscription fee.

All members shall provide personal details relevant to their membership category and will inform the Club Secretary of any change in such details. The club will retain these records for use only in relation to Club business. These will be destroyed when no longer required.

Records of swim times will be retained by the Club’s records officer and made available to all members on a regular basis. Swimmers will be encouraged to become aware of their swim times.

6. Organisation and Management

(a) General Management of the Club’s affairs is vested in the Management Committee, which shall be comprised as follows: Chairperson, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Designated Person and committee members. Other positions, which the Management Committee should fill, include, a Children's Officer, Vice-chair, PRO officer, Social Secretary, Gala Secretary, Registration Secretary and Club uniform officer. The club should endeavor to have a minimum of ten on the Management Committee. A Quorum for meetings shall be four.

(b) The main officers of the Club shall be the Chairperson, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Designated Person and Children’s Officer. Period of office shall be not longer than 5 years, although upon resigning from one of the above positions the officer may remain a member of the Management Committee (if so elected) for a longer period. Normally not all office bearers shall change in the same year.

(c) The Administrative Secretary shall service the Management Committee and shall record the proceedings of all meetings, dealing with all correspondence and keeping a register of all members.

(d) The Treasurer shall present annual accounts and shall furnish statements of accounts as required by the Management Committee and shall with the assistance of the social secretary co-ordinate fund-raising activities.

(e)  The Children’s Officer will act as a resource for Club members with regard to children’s issues. Child Protection procedures should be reviewed annually by the Management Committee.

(g) The Management Committee shall have power to:

(i) Conduct its business as it shall from time to time by resolution determine and regulate its own procedures.

(ii) Co-opt additional members in an advisory capacity and appoint such sub-committees and assistants to the office bearers as it deems necessary.

(iii) Fill vacancies arising during its term in office.

(iv) Accept or reject applications for membership

(v) Deal with or suspend any member, in accordance with the complaints and disciplinary procedures, who has

   (a) infringed the Club’s constitution and/or Code of Ethics,

   (b) who is indebted to the Club or

   (c) whose conduct is likely to bring the Club into disrepute.

(vi)  Levy any such extra ordinary charges or fees as may from time to time become necessary.

(vii) Appoint any delegates to the governing bodies and to any other bodies which may from time to time require representation.

(viii) Ensure the completion of appropriate Swim Ireland documentation (Including Code of Ethics & Officials Registration forms).

It is recommended that the Management Committee meet once per month throughout the coaching season or more often as events demand.

7. Coaching

Coaching should reside with the Club’s Head Coach, however the Management Committee must be kept fully informed of suggested changes to the schedule, new coaching requirements such as training courses etc. A senior coach should update the Management Committee at their monthly meetings.

A swim coach of the required accreditation must be in overall charge of each swim session.

Coaches will be selected for their background, competence and training. The senior coach and Management Committee will appoint new coaches after they have acquired the recognised qualifications. Appointment will be subject to satisfactory completion of Swim Ireland documentation.

In the event of long term pool closure the management committee will endeavor to negotiate the use of a suitable alternative venue. In the event of the pool not opening the coaches will remain at the pool to ensure the safety and safe collection of swimmers. The pool management will be contacted to determine the cause and ensure future service. In the event of coaches not turning up members should contact pool staff who will in turn contact a swimming club representative.

8. Away trips or annually outings

For overnight trips the Club will follow current Swim Ireland guidelines and complete a Club Trip Report form giving full details of the event, number and age range of all members involved.

Parents/guardians must ensure members are delivered on time to the meeting venue. They must also ensure they are available and waiting to pick members up after away trips. In the event of failure of parents/guardians to pick up their charges members of the committee or coaching staff will endeavor with the child to contact the parent or other relative. Coaching and committee members will ensure they are always in a group with the child. An interview with the parents will be set up to determine the cause of the failure.

9. Transport to training or galas

The name of the organisation shall be Armagh City Swimming Club, hereinafter referred to as the Club.

10. Complaints and Investigations Procedure

Any member who believes the conduct of another is contrary to the constitution of  Club, or Swim Ireland regulations, or whose conduct is likely to bring the Club into disrepute, may inform any member of the Management Committee in writing. Details of the complaint or mis-conduct should be logged in the Complaint Book held by the Chairperson or Secretary.

A meeting of the Disciplinary Committee, as constituted in the ‘Code of Ethics’, shall be held within fourteen days after the complaint has been received. All parties involved will be invited to attend individually to speak to the Disciplinary Committee which will report its findings and action to the Management Committee.

The Management Committee shall inform, in writing, both the member who made the complaint and the member who is the subject of the complaint of their decision within seven days of a decision being made. If the matter cannot be resolved or the complaint relates to a breach of Swim Ireland rules then notification of the complaint will be forwarded to Swim Ireland for arbitration. In the event of a complaint alleged in breach of child protection guidelines, the Children’s Officer and Designated Person shall be informed. Swim Ireland procedures will then be followed. The Management Committee will ensure that an accident/incident book is kept.

11. Disciplinary Procedure

Where a complaint is deemed of appropriate severity, the Management Committee has the right to invoke the disciplinary procedure. In many cases, however, the ‘Code of Ethics’ provides for resolution without recourse to the following.

The Management Committee will have the following options at its disposal under the disciplinary procedure.

  1. Recommend the member undertakes a period of re-training or re-education if applicable.
  2. Impose a period of suspension for a defined period.
  3. Terminate the membership of the person as outlined in the constitution.

During the period of suspension, the member is suspended from all activities at or on behalf of Armagh City Swimming Club and therefore shall be ineligible to participate as a member in the affairs of the club.

 The member shall be informed in writing of the reasons for the suspension and the date from which the suspension shall commence. The member may invoke the appeals procedure. The Management Committee has the power to reinstate the suspended member if the decision of the appeals procedure finds in favour of the member and the Club Secretary shall inform the member in writing of the date from which he/she is reinstated.

Notification of the disciplinary action taken and the outcome of any appeal will be forwarded to Swim Ireland.

12. Appeals Procedure

A member may appeal a decision of the Management Committee in respect of disciplinary matter or a complaint. The appeal must be made in writing to the Administrative Secretary within fourteen days of the member being notified about the outcome of the complaint procedure or disciplinary procedure. Swim Ireland in accordance with their procedures will hear the appeal.

Notification of the outcome of an appeal will be forwarded to the Management Committee.

13. Termination of Membership

The Management Committee shall have the power to terminate the membership of any individual member where it has been clearly demonstrated that a serious breach of the Club constitution has taken place.

The individual member shall have the right to be heard by the Management Committee before the final decision is made.

The Management Committee shall inform the member in writing of any decision to terminate their membership. There shall be a right of appeal to Swim Ireland subject to their procedures.

Notification will be forwarded to Swim Ireland.

14. Finance

(a) The Management Committee shall determine annual subscriptions.

(b) All monies shall be lodged in a bank account in the name of the Club.

(c) The Treasurer shall close the books on the 31st August  each year.

(d) The Management Committee shall have power to authorise expenditure on the behalf of the Club.

(c) The Chairperson, Treasurer and any one specified Officer shall sign cheques.

(e) External Auditors will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.

15. Annual General Meeting

(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the start of the new swim year, i.e. August/September at such a venue as the Management Committee may decide.

(b) At least seven days notice shall be given by way of notification in a local newspaper.

(c) The Annual General Meeting shall receive the Treasurer's Report and Chairpersons’s (Secretary’s Report and such other reports as reflect the workings of the Club during the preceding year.

(d) Officials and members of the Committee for the ensuing year shall be elected.

(e) Voting at the Annual General Meeting shall be restricted to those whose annual subscriptions have been fully paid. Members over eighteen and parents of other members have voting rights.

Decisions taken at the Annual General Meeting shall be taken by simple majority of those present entitled to vote and voting, motions for such decisions having been proposed and seconded. Decisions so taken shall not be rescinded at any subsequent meeting except with the consent of two-thirds of those present entitled to vote, and voting, prior written notice of each intended rescindment having been conveyed to each member in the convening of said meeting.

16. Extra-ordinary General Meetings

An Extra-ordinary General Meeting may be called by:

(i) the Management Committee or

(ii) at least ten members who shall state in writing the business to be discussed;

At least seven days notice shall be given by way of the local newspapers. Only the business specified in the notice convening the meeting shall be discussed.

17. Club Trophies

Winners of Club trophies must hold same for one year unless resigning and must undertake to return them when requested.

18. Resignation

Any member wishing to resign must notify the Club Secretary in writing to that effect and must be clear of all liabilities before the resignation can be accepted.

19. Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets remaining after settlement of all outstanding debts and liabilities shall be dealt with in accordance with Swim Ireland Laws 5.4

20. Amendments to the Constitution

This constitution may only be amended by a proposal passed by a majority of members present and entitled to vote at an Annual or Extra- ordinary General Meeting provided no alteration shall be made to the Dissolution clause.

21. Special Powers

The Management Committee shall have power to deal with any matter not specifically provided for in the Constitution or of such urgency as would preclude the calling of an Extra-ordinary General Meeting provided that their action is reported to such a meeting at an early stage. This includes the adoption and implementation of any changes or new rules Swim Ireland may introduce between Annual General Meetings.